For three hours, the doughnut mountain grew. Only a red-velvet rope kept the crowd from a sort of sugary promised land: a 363,600-calorie wedding cake, the tallest ever built. The pile of 1,818 Krispy Kremes is expected to set a Guinness World Record. The doughnut mountain headlined the first Simcha Celebrations Showcase, a trade show yesterday in Issaquah for Jewish weddings and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

Why a doughnut cake?

For one, Krispy Kremes are kosher: Every two months, a rabbi blesses and certifies each of the chain's kitchens. And compared with traditional wedding cakes, at $6 or more a serving, a pile of doughnuts, at $6.99 a dozen, can be a bargain.

"Doughnut wedding cakes are very popular now," said Carin Freedel, chief executive officer of Mitzvah Mavens, which hosted the event. A "doughnut cake" is really just a pile of doughnuts. For weddings, the pile can be frosted, decorated and organized into tiers like a traditional cake.

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