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    CT - Man arrested for killing girlfriends dog

    Next it will be a girlfriend or a girlfriends child



    - Kimar Fraser, 19, is behind bars for allegedly killing his girlfriend's one yr-old Pit bull "Papi".

    Papi appears to be yet another victim of domestic violence - his death coming after an argument between the accused and his girlfriend, Papi's owner.

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    Kimar D. Fraser, a then-teen who allegedly killed his girlfriend's dog, leaving it in a ditch, claiming she loved the dog more than him, was referred to adult probation and is at liberty on a $10,000 bond after his Dec. 29, 2011, arrest in West Haven.

    According to the arrest warrant, Fraser admitted to stabbing and killing "Papi,", the female's year-old pit bull who was found with a broken neck and died due to respiratory failure, reports indicate.

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