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    Taping Patient's Mouth Shut: Utah Nurse Fired For Treatment Of Penny Artalejo

    SALT LAKE CITY -- Two nurses in a Utah hospital's intensive care unit were fired this week for taping a patient's mouth shut and laughing about it, hospital officials said Friday.
    video at link


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    This makes me furious, whatever happened to safeguarding a patient's dignity, and in ICU, I hope they lose their licences
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    That's probably not the first thing the two "Nurses" have done. That's just what they were caught doing.

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    I've worked in healthcare my entire adult life...sadly, there are some real losers out there who possess nursing licenses.

    Unfortunately, if these "nurses" are members of a union - they might be reinstated in the future (with back pay to boot). I know of a few occasions where a nurse has made a critical med error or been caught mistreating a patient and administration is just too weak to fight the union, so, they reinstate the employee with "restrictions" as to their scope of responsibility, e.g.: the nurse can no longer administer medication -or- the nurse must be accompanied by another employee when providing hands-on care to a patient, and no one is any wiser because the action taken by administration is confidential...pretty sad, the state of healthcare in this country is getting worse by the day.

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    This brings back memories of being four and having my tonsils out. In recovery, I was in so much pain and crying, having to spit out a lot of blood. The "nurse" (I use the word loosely, she was a nun.) was VERY mean and threatened me continuously. I was terrified. To this day, I am grateful that hospital closed and REAL RNs work in the health system that took it over.

    I think these two are just an example of what happens when people are encouraged to go into nursing because of the "shortage" or simply looking at the projected needs in occupations. More and more guidance counselors are pushing kids who have no business in nursing that direction. It's a CALLING, people--just like teaching in a low-income public school or being a minister or going into social services, etc.

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    I just watched the video. I hope these so-called "nurses" lose their licenses along with criminal prosecution. They need to do some serious jail time.

    Pandora, what awful memories to have. My sister had something similar happen to her when she had her tonsils out. Concerned about her care, the two RN's who lived on either side of us took up 24 hour private duty nursing care to see her through what was a serious crisis and never asked my family for pay. They did it out of love of their profession and care for a little girl who could have died. I wish that you had similar memories.
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