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    U.S. Muslim hero saved holiday lives at 30,000 feet

    Action aboard airplane creates a reluctant hero (kansascity.com)
    Jabir Hazziez Jr. has been showered with accolades,
    but he sees his role as reflecting his Muslim faith.

    A man foaming at the mouth lunged for the airliner’s cabin door, attempting to open it as flight attendants struggled to hold him at bay.

    Most of the post-Thanksgiving travelers cruising at some 30,000 feet toward Kansas City that day were unaware of the potential disaster looming at the front of the plane.

    But when a crew member came on the intercom asking if anyone had medical training, passenger Jabir Hazziez Jr. heard the sense of concern in her voice.

    What happened next came as no surprise to those who know and work with Hazziez, a Kansas City firefighter, reserve Jackson County deputy and member of the U.S. Naval Reserve.
    So - what does one do when one encounters another passenger foaming at the mouth and lunging at the cockpit door?
    As Hazziez walked toward the front of the plane, he saw a man pacing and holding his head in his hands. The man appeared to be in an “altered mental state” and clearly appeared agitated.

    “He was trying to get to the door of the plane,” Hazziez recalled recently. “I grabbed ahold of him and tried to calm him down.”

    But the man only became more combative and knocked Hazziez into the cockpit door.

    Using his law enforcement training, Hazziez put the man in a neck restraint and took him to the floor. The man continued kicking and trying to reach the door with his feet. Another passenger grabbed the man’s legs.
    Others on the flight - grateful, were they?
    When the flight resumed, Hazziez was showered with thanks from his fellow passengers and received a standing ovation before leaving the plane after that Nov. 30 flight.

    Although Hazziez’s religious faith didn’t matter to those grateful passengers, it has become an important aspect of his story. He is a Muslim.

    And like others of his faith, he is sensitive to the negative perceptions and prejudices of some in the post-Sept. 11 world. But he says what he did that day was in keeping with the teachings of Islam.

    “We are supposed to help those in need and protect and help those who can’t help themselves,” he said.
    Pride - and teasing - on the homefront:
    Of course, no one is more proud of Hazziez than members of his family.

    “We have joked for years calling Jabir ‘Mr. Safety,’ ” said his youngest sister, Rabiyyah Hazziez. “I suppose now he needs a new name: Captain America.”
    much more at link above

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    <sarcasm>Wait, wait!! I object to this story! It doesn't portray Muslims in a sufficiently negative way! This Mr Safety is obviously a secret terrorist. I'm sure that, had mouth-foaming man NOT charged the cockpit door, Hazziez would have gone on to hijack the plane himself for his own nefarious reasons! </sarcasm>

    Ahem. Sorry, just a hangover from the Lowe's/American Muslim show story. More seriously, well done, Mr. Hazziez!
    “Peace is not the product of terror or fear. Peace is not the silence of cemeteries. Peace is not the silent result of violent repression. Peace is the generous, tranquil contribution of all to the good of all." -Abp Oscar Romero

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    I wonder how many more kudos and replies this thread would have got by now IF his religion was not mentioned at all. Step aside Capt America, we have a new super hero.
    WTG Mr. Hazziez.
    Anything worth dewing, is worth dewing well!
    Proud parent of 3 rescued schnauzers

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