I'm just starting to read on this one but I am curious. In this article:

The woman said Plumadore, 39, was endangering her daughter by “stalking her, sending her explicit sexual text messages and photographs,” according to the documents. She said Plumadore sent pictures of exposed genitalia and messages telling the girl he “wanted to get her pregnant.”
The court excused itself for not filing a restraining order because the living arrangements didn't meet the criteria. (Don't know but just guessing, if there was a court order ordering the girl into a weekend visitation situation at her father's then I don't know why that wouldn't count as a part time residence.)

Why didn't the court order that a criminal investigation be done? The girl was 13. There were allegations that he had sent porn to the kid. In most states that is illegal. And surely they could have found some other charges.... importuning, solicitation or something!