Unbelieveable obsession and hate!

AP) HARTFORD, Conn. - A prominent former advertising executive was sentenced Wednesday to 70 years in prison for kidnapping his ex-wife, holding her hostage for hours and burning down the Connecticut home they once shared.

Richard Shenkman, 62, was sentenced in Hartford Superior Court after a jury convicted him in October of 10 charges including kidnapping, arson, assault and threatening. He faced a potential of nearly 80 years in prison.

During Wednesday's sentencing hearing, Shenkman told Judge Julia Dewey that he has hired an assassin to kill Tyler. The judge had rejected a motion by Shenkman's attorney to delay sentencing for further psychological evaluation of his client.

"Nancy's assassin is experienced and he has killed in the past," Shenkman said. "Ending Nancy's life when I am in prison makes my sentence worthwhile."

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