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    Canada - Michael Sinclair, 36, dead, woman injured in Winnipeg shooting, 31 Dec 2011

    A Winnipeg woman who was shot through the eye remained "oblivious" to her injury and her friend's dead body beside her and instead concentrated on finishing her beer, a source says.

    more @ link


    red's thought: i am going to thank God every day that this is not my life. can't even imagine...

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    Wowza. Guess she was probably using the equivalent of ER painkillers! Why anybody wants to be so out of their skull outside of a medical setting escapes me, but there you go. Amazing.

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    You can't say our Canadian women aren't tough. LOL
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    From February 2013:


    The investigation has revealed that a male suspect attended to the rear of the residence while armed with a gun. It was at this time the victim, Michael Sinclair, open the door and was confronted by the armed suspect. The firearm was discharged, striking both victims...

    As a result of a lengthy investigation by members of the Homicide Unit, Clayton CAMPEAU, 33 years of age, was identified and arrested on February 4, 2013.

    CAMPEAU has been charged with: 2nd Degree Murder and Attempted Murder due to his alleged involvement.
    Connected to another murder in March 2014:


    Clayton Campeau, 34, was re-arrested in custody by Winnipeg police this week and accused of being an accessory after the fact to the October 2006 killing of Steven Pelletier, 29.

    Earlier this year, police arrested Darrell Lavallee and charged him with second-degree murder for the "cold-case" slaying. Sources told the Free Press Lavallee is a senior leader of the Indian Posse street gang in Winnipeg.

    Police said at the time they believe Pelletier was lured into a home in the 500 block of Magnus Avenue, beaten and shot. His body was then removed from the home and "dumped outside city limits" by several men.
    From August 2015:


    A Winnipeg gang member suspected of playing a role in two homicides has been sentenced to two years in jail after getting caught with cocaine during a police traffic stop.

    Clayton Campeau, 35, was convicted of possession for the purpose of trafficking following a trial earlier this year. In 2012, officers found him with just over 12 grams of crack and powdered cocaine.

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