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    OK - Gidget Guess, 35, dies after hubby gives her meth, Jay, 29 Dec 2009

    Man headed to trial, accused of killing his wife with methamphetamine (Daily Oklahoman)
    Gidget Marie Cryer Guess, 35, died Dec. 29, 2009. An autopsy report states she died of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease exacerbated by methamphetamine.

    [Charley S. Guess, 30], who was incarcerated in the Delaware County jail during the summer on a charge of delivery of methamphetamine, told an inmate he talked his wife into smoking methamphetamine with him on the night of her death, according to an arrest affidavit. He told the inmate his wife had “had this disease and that he figured if he bought some dope and got his wife to smoke some dope with him that she would die.”

    Guess said “he was tired of his wife and getting to the point he did not like her anymore ... he just wanted her to go away,” the affidavit states.
    a bit more at link above

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    Wow. Cold dude.

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    Poor Gidget. So young. Rotten husband. May she rest in peace. May Charley never be able to do meth again. That'll kill him I bet.

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    From August 2012:


    A Delaware County man was sentenced to 10 years for giving his sick wife a fatal dose of methamphetamine because he was tired of taking care of her, court officials said Monday.

    Charley S. Guess, 31, of Kansas, OK, pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of first-degree manslaughter Friday...

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