Sometimes it doesn't pay to advertise. "Quite a stash" indeed.

Magazine founder gets five years for drugs (San Antonio Express-News)
The owner of a now-defunct social-life magazine called “Stash,” was sentenced with his wife Friday for their roles in a federal drug investigation.

Robin D. Cruz, 40, pleaded guilty last year to possession of cocaine and possessing firearms during a drug crime. He admitted that he had quite a stash of his own at his far North Side home — including 119 pounds of hydroponicly-grown marijuana, nearly 10 ounces of cocaine, 2,069 pharmaceutical pills, hashish, hallucinogenic mushrooms, codeine, three assault rifles, a shotgun, two hunting rifles, five pistols and $10,063 in cash.
Cruz's palm-size magazine was distributed at nightclubs, restaurants and other establishments in San Antonio and carried ads from some prominent restaurants, retailers and even lawyers. The publication folded after Cruz's arrest, [defense attorney Shawn] Brown said.
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