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    Basic Information

    In response to the request for a basic summary, I am posting a basic case summary I did some time ago for submission to the forensic astrology thread. Please add to, correct, or dispute anything herein.

    Timeline, taken from police report unless otherwise stated:
    • June 6, 1992 Stacy McCall (4/23/74) and Suzanne Streeter (3/9/73) attended high school graduation exercises. Stacy’s parents, Janis McCall (10/21/47) and Stewart McCall (no birthdate on police report) and Suzanne’s mother, Sherrill Levill (11/1/44) attended the graduation.

    • June 6, 9:15 or 9:30 pm. Sherrill spoke to a friend on the telephone. She was home that night varnishing a piece of furniture.

    • June 6, Around 10:30 p.m. Stacy calls home to say the girls will stay at Janelle Kirby’s.
    • June 6, 11:15: "Suzanne's mother, Sherrill Levitt, was last heard from at approximately 11:15 p.m. on 06/06/92 when she talked with a friend about painting a chest of drawers. Levitt's car, purse, keys, etc., were left at the residence and it appeared as though her bed had been slept in when friends and police arrived to check the residence." http://www.springfieldmo.gov/spd/Gen...singwomen.html

    • The following information comes from the police incident report, “Missing Persons” taken June 7, 1992 at 10:48 pm.:
    Janelle Kirby and Mike Henson stated they last saw Stacy McCall and Suzanne Streeter at a graduation party in Battlefield Missouri “around 2:00 a.m.” on June 7. The party was on Coach Drive in Battlefield, MO. Kirby, Henson, and the two girls left the party and went to Kirby’s home on Butterfield Place. (Kirby stated in media interviews that Suzie and Stacy left because Kirby’s family had company and they didn’t want to sleep on the floor.) “Kirby and Henson stated Stacy and Suzanne told them they were going to go to Suzanne’s house later in the morning and they would all to White Water [water amusement park in Branson. MO]...Kirby and Henson stated that Stacy and Suzanne then left, driving their own vehicles" (incident report).

    • Around 2:30 a.m., June 7: Speculative time Stacy and Suzie arrive at 1717 Delmar.

    • June 7, 1992 Janelle Kirby stated she makes first call to 1717 Delmar house around 7:30 a.m. (One media reports states the calls start around 8 am).

    • Janelle Kirby and Mike Henson state they arrive at the house around 12:30 pm and find porch light globe broken with bulb intact and light on and the front door closed but not locked. They enter house to find the TV set on in Suzie’s room along with all three purses, which had car keys to their three cars and the house keys. Sherrill’s purse had $800 in it.

    • Kirby and Henson state they return to 1717 Delmar around 7:30 pm according to police report.

    • Janis McCall states she and husband arrive around 9 pm. Police report states both Mr. and Mrs. McCall at residence, along with two other daughters, when they arrive. Four other people are listed on the police report. (A media reports that 18 people entered the house, “unwittingly interfering with potential evidence").

    • Springfield PD is contacted by Janis McCall. No time given. First officer arrives. Report taken 10:48 pm by second officer who arrived.

    • Report states “nothing in the house seemed to indicate a struggle.” Janis McCall was concerned that Stacy would not leave without her purse and medication for migraine headaches and depression. “Officer Gault and [the reporting officer] were advised by the subjects present that they had already cleaned up the glass and looked into purses and around the residence prior to our arrival.” Stacy’s clothes and jewelry are found in Suzie’s room, with Suzie's overnight bag.

    • Possible later sightings June 7: Between 1 and 3 a.m at George’s Steakhouse. Around sunrise, someone looking like Suzie seen driving a van.

    Other events as reported in the media:
    • The girls had originally intended to drive to Branson the night of June 6 and spend the night in a hotel. They changed their minds. Stacy called her mother to say that she was staying at the Kirby house.
    • A server at George’s Steakhouse reported seeing the women between 1 and 3 am on June 7. The three arrived and departed together. Suzie appeared to be drunk and the women were with three men. Police received 3 calls about this sighting.
    • Janis McCall calls the Kirby house, speaks to Janelle’s sister and learns that Stacy stayed at Suzie’s house. She calls Suzie’s house and leaves message on the answering machine for Stacy to call her. Janis continues to leave messages on Sherrill and Suzie’s machine.
    • Sherrill’s Yorkshire terrier Cinnamon was in the house when Kirby and Henson arrived.
    • Suzie’s overnight bag was with the purses.
    • Someone erases an obscene call received Friday, June 5 and recorded on the answering machine. Kirby and Henson hear two other such calls on Sunday June 7 while they are in the house.
    • A van (moss-green, blue or dirty brown) with a girl who looked like Suzie who “looked scared” was reportedly seen after sunrise on Sunday, June 7.
    • Suzie was scheduled to testify in a trial against three people, including her former boyfriend, involved in robbing graves.
    • Robert Craig Cox, in prison in Texas, has been questioned about involvement in the killings. He was once on death row in Florida for rape and murder of a young woman but released when he won an appeal. He was living in Springfield at the time of the disappearances.
    • December 1992: anonymous caller phones American’s Most Wanted, believed to have vital information about the case but was disconnected and never called back.
    • A Grand Jury considers three suspects with criminal records, but none are indicted. Testimony is also taken concerning Robert Craig Cox.
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    News-Leader Account of Stacy's Final Call and Suzie and Stacy leaving Janelle's

    Stacy knew her parents were worried about the girls driving to Branson late at night. All Janis and Stu McCall could think about was the night of their own graduation, when two friends were killed in a traffic accident.

    Stacy called home about 10:30 p.m. with a change of plans. The girls had decided to play it safe.

    "We're not going to leave tonight," Stacy told her mom over the phone. "We're going to White Water in the morning, and I'm going to stay here at Janelle's."

    "Call me before you leave for White Water," Janis told her daughter.

    "All right, I will," Stacy answered. "Good night."

    Janis felt assured. She went to bed. A long, happy day had ended.

    The girls loaded up and went to another party at friend Michelle Elder's house. Stacy and Michelle agreed that they should do more together.

    But the party on East Hanover street got a little loud, and a neighbor called police. An officer showed up about 1:40 a.m., shooing partyers away.

    Suzie and Stacy went to their cars parked at Janelle's. Her mom, Kathy Kirby, had a pallet laid out on her living room floor for Suzie and Stacy. Janelle would sleep on the couch because family members from out of town were sleeping in her bedroom.

    Suzie and Stacy decided they would be more comfortable sleeping on Suzie's new waterbed, and told Janelle they'd see her in the morning.

    Kathy Kirby woke up when her daughter came in the front door. She heard the girls outside.

    "Follow me to my house," Suzie told her friend.

    "OK," Stacy answered. "I will."

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    From June 28, Tulsa World, posted by Indiana Girl, post #14 in Media thread:

    By the time police were called, 18 friends and family members of the three women had entered the unlocked house, some unwittingly interfering with potential evidence. Investigators say they can't determine how far the interference may have set back their case. They have called the people back several times to help reconstruct the crime scene.

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    I don't think Cox should be added to this without other suspects. It points the whole case into a direction of, IMHO, a blowhard that wasn't involved at all.

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    Here is Kemo's list of "names that have come up in various discussions." I re-formatted a bit for readability. His original post is Thread 3%, post 3238, 12/19/2011.

    1) Gerald Carnahan: DOB 1958, Abducted, raped murdered and concealed body of Jackie Johns in Ozark Mo in 1985. No other known connection.
    2) Francis Robb: DOB ?, killed three people in “early 1990’s” And disposed of their bodies. This was apparently not sex related. He was convicted and died in prison.
    3) Ricky Evans: DOB ?, Close friend of Robb who might have been involved in the triple murder. Later convicted of a different double murder (non-sexual) and disposing of bodies by feeding to hogs on his farm.
    4) Darrel Felton: DOB ?, Friend of Evans, grandson of Robb. Was witness against Evans. All three above were “rustic” meth using low-lifes who lived in the rural area east of Springfield.
    5) Melvin Cheney: DOB (early 1960’s), convicted of 1/19/91 abduction/rape/murder/ with body disposal of Trudie Davis who was abducted from convenience store where she worked. There are two similar crimes in the general area (about an hour north of Springfield) that are unsolved that he is suspected of.
    6) Jesse Rush: DOB 1976, (brother of Melvin) convicted, with Melvin of the Trudie Davis caper. His statement implicated two other men who were never charged (Greg Cheevers and a Marshall Cheevers) and, in a letter to another inmate, made references to having killed “several other women” Jesse and Melvin were living in Camden county Mo
    7) Robert Cox: DOB 1960, History of Rape/murder in Fl+ other sex and property crimes. Serving long sentence in Texas. Made statements suggesting he knew something of murder but nothing solid. No known ties to women
    8) Stephen Eugene Garrison: DOB ?, Raped a student in Springfield in 1993 serving 40 year sentence . He apparently claimed bodies were buried on Francis Robb’s farm. No know connection to women.
    9) Mike Kovacs:, DOB 1975 Suzie’d former boyfriend. Associated with of the Graverobbers. Supposedly had rock solid alibi
    10) Dustin Recla: Graverobber
    11) Michael Clay: Graverobber
    12) Joseph Riedel: Graverobber
    All three of the Graverobber have pretty well convinced LE they were not involved. Statements from LE claim they were ‘cleared” but there are reports that some involved in the investigation feel they should be investigated further.
    13) 36-year-old man from Springfield (Grand Jury three)
    14) 28-year-old man from Kansas(Grand Jury three)
    15) 28-year-old man who was originally from Cedar County, Mo (Grand Jury three)
    The Grand Jury Three were recent paroles fm the Kansas system who arrived in Springfield a month before the abduction. As the Grand Jury is conducted in secret, it is not know what, if any connection they had to the crime but no indictment was issued.
    16) Bart Streeter: DOB 1965, Brother of Suzie, Long history of Substance abuse and minor crimes. Generally considered to have been “cleared” during initial investigation.
    17) Chris Revak DOB 1973, Committed suicide after arrest for sex related murder in Ava Mo. Is a strong suspect in two other similar murders, “Internet rumors’ place him in Springfield area in 1992 but LE has played down any interest in him.
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    I bolded "Grand Jury Three" for easy identification because these are individuals who are often the subject of questions regarding the case, as mainstream media outlets do not identify GJ suspects.

    Thanks to Kemo for such a well-done list. I hope he doesn't mind me quoting it in this thread.
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    PPG, I would be very careful about posting info from various sources which may not be true or has not been verified. Doing so tends to legitimize rumors and other info as fact.
    “Finding the occasional straw of truth awash in a great ocean of confusion and bamboozle requires intelligence, vigilance, dedication and courage. But if we don’t practice these tough habits of thought, we cannot hope to solve the truly serious problems that face us – and we risk becoming a nation of suckers, up for grabs by the next charlatan who comes along.” – Carl Sagan, The Fine Art of Baloney Detection

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    I am still in the process of reading through the various threads here - except for the two pulled threads, that is - and I just want to say, you guys have done some excellent sleuthing. EVERYONE has contributed, IMHO, and there are a few here that I 'know' from other threads (pittsburgh girl, wfgodot, kemo, etc.) but I've enjoyed reading MM, Hurricane, Kathee, et. al, and can't say it emphatically enough: THANK YOU to a new reader, new to this case. You all have some genuinely awesome insights, and while there has been some scattered drama/BS in the years of threads (how could there NOT be, going on twenty years later, kwim?)...I think you all are just the bees knees.

    Seriously, thank you all. I'm so into this case now, and I'm an AVID lurker...not poster. I had to come out of the woodwork to voice my appreciation.

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    Please remember the point of this thread. I appreciate admonitions to avoid posting false information in a "basic information" thread. No one should post anything here without links and probably cross-checking those links. It is certainly appropriate, however, to indicate reported witness sightings (George's and the van) as unverified reports, which is what I did. Kemo's post seems like an accurate summary of individuals who have been suggested as suspects, and no one questioned the information when it was first posted. In a list of suspects, on a basic information thread, it makes some sense to include what the rumors have been about those people--because short of a handful of people (GJ3, Cox, the grave robbers) most of the "suspect" talk has been rumors.

    Please correct any inaccuracies, whether posted by me or anyone else, and add other basic information, using links and citing sources, as usual. This thread should be archival and not for discussion. As the calendar moves, and internet links continue to disappear, we will be glad to have information on the forum. No discussion here, but if a point moves you to discussion, start a thread for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pittsburghgirl View Post

    News-Leader Account of Stacy's Final Call and Suzie and Stacy leaving Janelle's

    Suzie's tummy ache is mentioned in this article. There are a few other stores I've come across that make mention of Suzie grousing to friends of a tummy ache and in the context of wanting to just call it an early night. Add that to Mrs McCall overhearing Suzie actively asking around post graduation for somebody to spend the night with her. Seems like Suzie was making plans to be back home that night WITH a friend in tow.

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    I was just going over this list which is fantastic by the way, when I found a possible error. I think Melvin Cheney is Marvin and Trudie Davis is Trudy Darby for elements 4 and 5. Here is a link..


    Also, is LE - Law Enforcement? new to the lingo.

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