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    MO - Three teens for animal cruelty, El Dorado Springs, 2012


    Joshua Markus, 17, Tyrel Parsley, 18, and Hunter Harper, 18, severely beat four goats and one piglet and then dumped the animals at the high school.

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    That is very disturbing. Kind of hard to understand brutally killing for the heck of it. These kids are sick. Very sick.
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    Here's the mugshots of the fine upstanding pillars of the community.


    Perhaps someone will beat them in lock up and dump them.

    What in the earth is the matter with these youth? Go play Wii or something for God's sake. Hit a ball. Kick the can. Something other than hurting animals.

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    we'll be hearing about these three in the future

    most likely a murder trial

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    From October 2012:


    Hunter D. Harper... changed his not guilty pleas to guilty in exchange for a probationary sentence.

    Vernon County Associate Judge Neal Quitno sentenced Harper on Thursday, Sept. 27, to two years of probation under a suspended sentence. Harper must stay out of trouble, perform 50 hours of community service within 90 days, and pay restitution to Tom Taylor, owner of goats, in the amount of $2,700. Harper also agreed to testify against both Tyrel Parsley and Joshua Markus in their cases.
    From December 2014:


    Tyrel Charles Parsley, El Dorado Springs, three counts of violating provision regarding the disposal of dead animals, all unclassified misdemeanors; and two counts of trespassing in the second degree, infractions. Three suspended dispositions and two guilty pleas, three unsupervised probations assigned for two years and two fines of $25 each.
    The third suspect was a juvenile, so there are no updates on disposition of his case.

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