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    "Jim Jones" Jonestown massacre/ did not die same day


    Everybody has assumed until recently that all 912 Jonestown residents, including Jones, died on the same day -- Nov. 18, 1978," said Fielding McGehee, who oversees the Jonestown Institute with his wife, Rebecca Moore, whose sisters and nephew died in Jonestown.

    But the tape found in Jonestown that the FBI labeled Q-875 appears to have been made many hours later, possibly on Nov. 19, McGehee said. The tape is one of 900 McGehee and Moore obtained from the FBI under a Freedom of Information Act request.

    It was made later because the people on the tape -- apparently including Jones -- talked about what had happened, about the murder of Rep. Ryan and the mass deaths in Jonestown, he said.

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    I have never heard of 'FBI labeled Q-875' All material from their investigation has been released. Odeil Rhodes, on the way to get his passport saw Jones dead, and heard the last shot from the West House that killed Anne Moore. This has never been in doubt. If this person had access to the FBI's complete investigation they should know this. Ms. Moore put the time on her last note at 2:30 pm-and this was confirmed by the autopsy. Her autopsy is in FBI file 89.
    Rebecca Moore knows this. The entire 180 hours of audio tape was in bad shape-the Bureau did the best they could and listened to all the tapes they could salvage. The so called 'death tape' was the only one they kept. All of the others were returned to Guyana where they belong because it was their crime scene. I will ask Rebecca about this.

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