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    AZ - Dennis & Daniel Mahon for mail bomb that injured 3, Scottsdale, 2004


    PHOENIX (AP) - Defense attorneys said Thursday that two white supremacist brothers charged in the bombing of a black city official may be racist, but that doesn't mean they're guilty of the crime.

    The comments during opening statements in federal court in Phoenix were in sharp contrast to prosecutors' earlier depiction of identical twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Mahon as "lone wolves" who wanted to commit violence against non-whites and the government.

    The 61-year-old brothers have pleaded not guilty in the 2004 bombing in which a package detonated in the hands of Don Logan, Scottsdale's diversity director at the time. The package injured Logan's hand and arm and hurt a secretary.

    Dennis Mahon opened up to Rebecca Williams as the government recorded their conversations. Mahon showed her how to make bombs and bragged about bombing a Jewish community center, an Internal Revenue Service building, an immigration facility, and an abortion clinic, according to court records. Those claims have not been corroborated.

    Boyle said that although the Mahons' DNA wasn't on the bomb, evidence at trial will show that they admitted their involvement to Williams. That evidence includes a detailed description of the bomb used on Logan that Dennis Mahon gave to Williams, even though such a description hadn't been made public by officials.

    "He knows exactly how that bomb was made, and that is not public information," Boyle said.

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    Use of informant in Ariz bombing trial 'necessary'


    PHOENIX (AP) — A government informant whom defense attorneys have dubbed a "trailer park Mata Hari" didn't use sex to obtain evidence against two white supremacist brothers accused of bombing a city official in Arizona, a federal prosecutor said Tuesday.

    Prosecutor Michael Morrissey told jurors that the hiring of the informant, identified in court records as Rebecca Williams, was "entirely permissible and necessary" to the investigation of identical twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Mahon.

    The trial, which began Jan. 10, has been filled with drama as Williams took the stand for several days, and Logan himself described the bombing in detail for the jury.

    Investigators chose the woman, who is a civilian, for her good looks and had her dress in revealing clothes and send the brothers racy photos to get them to open up to her. The "trailer park Mata Hari" nickname is a reference to the Dutch exotic dancer convicted of working as a spy for Germany during World War I.

    Closing arguments began Tuesday morning, with Morrissey telling jurors that the evidence shows the Mahons were believers in "racial terrorism and violence as a way to accomplish their goals."

    Morrissey replayed tapes that showed Dennis Mahon telling Williams how to make pipe bombs. In one recording, he tells her that he's had pipe bombs work in the past and that he's taught some white police officers how to make the explosives.

    During the trial, jurors also heard recordings of the Mahons using racial epithets for black and Hispanic people and saying violence is the only answer for white men.

    While Logan was on the stand, he choked up as he recalled the terrifying moments when the bomb went off, describing how he frantically ran down a hallway before kneeling down, hearing a secretary scream, and looking down to see his hand and arm covered in blood.........

    The same day in court, prosecutors played for jurors a voicemail that Dennis Mahon left at the diversity office a few months before the bombing.

    "The white Aryan resistance is growing in Scottsdale," Dennis Mahon said angrily in the recording. "There's a few white people who are standing up."

    More at link....

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    Dennis Mahon GUILTY/Daniel Mahon ACQUITTED

    Jury: White supremacist guilty in Arizona bombing


    PHOENIX—A white supremacist was convicted in a 2004 bombing that injured a black city official in suburban Phoenix, but his identical twin brother was acquitted.

    The federal jury Friday stopped short of finding Dennis Mahon guilty of a hate crime.

    The 61-year-old twins from Illinois were on trial for six weeks as dramatic testimony came from the bombing victim and a female government informant dubbed a "trailer park Mata Hari" by defense attorneys.

    The jury found Dennis Mahon guilty of three charges in the bombing but found Daniel Mahon, also a white supremacist, not guilty of the one charge he faced: conspiracy to damage buildings and property by means of explosives.

    The verdict came nearly eight years to the day since the Feb. 26, 2004, bombing that injured Don Logan, who is black and was Scottsdale's diversity director at the time. Logan was hospitalized for three days and needed four surgeries on his hand and arm. The bombing also injured a secretary.

    Logan told The Associated Press that the verdict was bittersweet for him.

    Dennis Mahon opened up to Williams as their conversations were recorded, telling her how to make bombs after she told him a fictitious story that she wanted to harm a child molester she knew.

    In one conversation, she asked Mahon if he ever had a bomb work, to which he replied: "Yeah, diversity officer."

    He also told her that the bomb used on Logan was a 1-by-5-inch pipe bomb, a fact that investigators never released publicly and that prosecutors said proved that Mahon was guilty because only the bomber could have known it.

    On Friday, Logan said that every time he's been in court he tried to make eye contact with the Mahons, but that they never would look at him. But he noticed that they were watching him with intensity when he re-enacted the bombing during testimony.

    "It was almost like they were getting off on me sharing that moment when they sent their prized gift and it detonated," he said.

    Logan worked personally with the Justice Department to have prosecutors seek a hate-crime finding from jurors, which would have required whatever prison term Mahon gets to be longer. He said that when he speaks to U.S. District Judge David Campbell at the sentencing, he'll ask that Mahon spend the rest of his life behind bars.

    "Dennis Mahon is a danger to any community, and to me, he doesn't deserve to be out," Logan said.

    More at link...

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    A white supremacist likely will spend the rest of his life behind bars after a federal judge sentenced him to 40 years in prison Tuesday for a 2004 bombing that wounded a black city official in suburban Phoenix.

    Jurors in February convicted Dennis Mahon, 61, of three federal charges stemming from a package bomb that injured Don Logan — Scottsdale's diversity director at the time — and a secretary.

    More at link.....

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