A dire character who roamed free for years, in spite of LE's best efforts to apprehend him:

'Your utter depravity knows no bounds - so you will die in prison': Beast of Bermondsey who raped elderly women jailed for life
A brutal rapist who terrorised elderly women in a suburb for more than a decade was told today he will live out his days behind bars.

Michael Roberts, 45, has become the first man to get a 'life means life' sentence for rape after raping three victims - one aged 83 - and viciously attacking a fourth in Bermondsey, south London.

Known as the Bermondsey Beast, he evaded justice for 15 years but was captured after a cold case review by Scotland Yard using advances in DNA.
First man in UK to get a "life means life" sentence for rape - let's hope this judicial trend continues:
Following a trial at Southwark Crown Court, the 45-year-old, of no fixed address, was given four life sentences by Judge Stephen Robbins.

Judge Robbins said: 'I do sentence you to imprisonment for the rest of your natural life ... your utter depravity knows no bounds, these are very grave offences.'
Roberts subjected his terrified victims to horrific ordeals during a series of violent burglaries in south London in the late 1980s
Perhaps he at least repented of his crimes when allowed to speak?
After the sentence was read out Roberts said: I will only say this my lord, I am absolutely not guilty and I will... before he was dragged from the dock by prison guards.
much more at Daily Mail link above, including pictures and a timeline.