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    TN - Bonnie Sheehan for animal cruelty, Fayette County, 2012


    The women are associated with an animal rescue group called Hearts For Hounds.

    Bonnie Sheeman, age 55, and passenger, Pamela A. King-McCracken were arrested

    Numerous charges are expected including transporting animals under inhumane conditions.

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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    No body I know, thank God...

    Sometimes, though, animal rescues get a bad rap. A lot of time, they're doing their best to get animals out of harm's way, and sometimes, that means getting overcrowded, not transporting in a kennel, et cetera.

    I hope for their sake, that it was something like that. If not, I say shoot them.

    And this is just a call for those with extra blankets, some extra pet food, a kennel, whatever. Find a local shelter and donate those items to them. They always need leashes, towels, food, vet care...and with the economy the way it is, sometimes legit rescues are left behind.

    Herding Cats

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    It doesn't sound like they were deliberately being cruel. Sounds like hoarding type situation, when they got way too many animals and can not care for the properly. There is this show called hoarders, and some of these people got so many animals, they are everywhere, and they can't keep up with their care. But in their mind they think they are saving these animals.
    Just my opinion

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    I want to know where the animals came from and how they thought they were helping them by not properly transporting them

    the blond lady looks like she thinks it's funny

    and the sad reality is that most of those dogs either already have been or will be shortly euthanized

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    From May 2012:


    Sheehan and friend and volunteer Pamela King-McCracken were arrested Jan. 17 after a traffic stop on Interstate 40 near Memphis, when the U-Haul truck she was driving and a towed van were found to contain 141 dogs and a cat... "Officers noted urine and feces all over the cargo compartment and located no food or water provided to the animals," according to the DA's Office...

    The irony is that Sheehan said her cross-country trip was an effort to finally get out of the rescue business and embark on a new phase of her life... Long Beach Animal Control Services said it had warned Sheehan about overcrowding and was preparing to inspect her facility. Sheehan vehemently denied that she had been warned about overcrowding...

    Sheehan says she used the last of her savings, and she and King-McCracken bought a farm in Huddleston, Va., with stables where the dogs could he kept until they were adopted out. It was for that reason, she says, that she didn't apply to run a rescue operation in Virginia.
    From July 2012:


    In the end, Bonnie Sheehan took the deal. Rather than face a trial and its added costs, plus the possibility of up to 14 years in prison and a similar fate for her friend, the well-known Long Beach dog rescuer pleaded guilty Thursday to 14 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty.

    Fayette County, Tenn., Circuit Court Judge Weber McCraw sentenced her to two years probation and a $500 fine. Sheehan, the founder of the Hearts For Hounds dog rescue group, was also denied custody of any animals during her probationary period...

    In the course of negotiations, charges were dropped against Sheehan's friend, Pamela King-McCracken.

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