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    TX - Girl's Therapist Sexually Assaulted Her In His Home

    To quote Natalie Merchant "Where the **** can you go?"

    Many of us are mothers of young ladies. Many of us have been through our share of chaotic times ourselves as well with our kids so you tell me. Please who do we trust?

    Bless this mom as she trusted her gut. It could not have been easy.

    Ronald Hodgkiss was treating her 16 year old DD. Mom came home from work early one day to find this ummmmmmm professional in her home talking with her DD. From there this lady went the mile and checked e-mails and cell phone texts. Only one text remained, but sexually explicit e-mails were sent from this "professional" to her child.

    Again Bless her she went to the police and worked with them. DD even protected this guy while seeing a new counselor. Finally she relayed he had taken her to his home and she stayed in his son's room and he carried her into his and sexually assaulted her.


    This sickens me.
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    They effectively pulled everything offline for this guy that they could. Married for years. The whole bit.

    He does have a FB page that lets us know that he who is without sin can cast the first stone.

    Well, Sir I've never took the trust of a child and deliberately hurt them and misled them and stole their innocence and capitalized on what probably is something that already was going on in their life in order to assault them. So yeah I'd do some stoning.

    How much can we bet this goes to trial and it will be all about how this poor kid although 16 years old is mature for her age, blah, blah, blah.

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    Stories like this make me cringe every time I see someone write, "I hope they get professional help". Yeah, right, I think, this isn't the first time children in need of "help" have been taken advantage of.

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    Oct 2013:

    Prosecutors and the defense reached a plea agreement, giving Ronald Hodgkiss the maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for the four second-degree felonies and 10 years for the third-degree felony. The terms will be served at the same time.

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