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    KS - Lawrence okays pot-bellied pigs in city

    Will go down in local history as "Starky's Law."

    Lawrence says potbellied pigs can live in city
    The informal decision came after Lawrence resident Ehren Penix and about a dozen supporters pleaded that Penix be allowed to keep his pig Starky.
    However, owners will have to agree to keep only one potbellied pig at a time, and traditional farm pigs will not be allowed.

    And if smell becomes an issue, the city will still be able to cite the owner under its nuisance ordinance.
    more at Kansas City Star link above

    Another article - with pic of Starky and friend - at Lawrence Journal-World: Some pigs: City allows potbellied swines as pets


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    I had a potbelly pig for 12 years, and smell or cleanliness was never a problem. Some friends made me a huge 'litter pan'-about 3 by 3 with rolled edges out of aluminum; we had a deck off our kitchen where we kept the pan filled with eco-safe litter and he 'knocked' on the door when he wanted to go out and use it, or lie in the sun. Pigs are actually very clean-the mud theory was they roll in mud to cool off and keep flies off of them. He traveled around town with me in his harness, and loved to walk around town. Everyone knew him and loved him. The only problem we ever had actually was he could open my fridge (even with velcro lock tabs on it),and he would take out the bacon-he LOVED bacon! and he would pull the blanket off my daughter at night sometimes when he thought he was cold, and roll up in it. She would wake up with no blanket!

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