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    PA - Philadelphia, WhtMale UP9602, 45-65, gray beard & ponytail, Jun'11

    The Namus file includes a postmortem photo (recognizable face, no visible injuries).

    He was found unresponsive on stairs at 1228 Girard Avenue.
    He is 70 inches and weighed 182 pounds. He had brown eyes, greying dark hair, a beard and a mustache. Surgical scars in both knees and left shoulders.

    His personal effects include:
    Green Old Navy Cargo Shorts (size Large);
    gray t-shirt with "CA World 2005 Technology Inside Out" on the front and " Everything You Need Out There Is In Here" on the back (size Large);
    white socks, black leather belt (size medium);
    black Fruit of the Loom underwear (size Large)

    white SHAQ athletic shoes (size 10.5)
    One Nautica brand watch and one Quartz brand watch.
    Green Sunglasses
    A red colored FUJI Mountain Bike, black ACE brand knee brace

    philadelphia 1228 girard avenue - Google Maps
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    He was a very distinctive looking man, surely someone must remember him. I wonder if the local media had a reconstructed picture of him that could be publicized?
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    Maaaaybe but highly unlikely.

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    The decedent was found wearing a "CA World 2005 Technology Inside Out" T-shirt. This is the official site of the CA World convention: http://www.ca.com/us/caworld.aspx

    Also, I found this article talking specifically about the 2005 edition, held in Las Vegas: http://www.informationweek.com/ca-pr.../d-id/1037872?

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    Bump, thanks CF for bumping this.
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    There's only one rule out on NamUs:

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