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    Utah man gets lost ring back 45 years later

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    A woman who rented the house behind mine and had lived there for over ten years found a class ring with only initials on it. She was digging flower beds under a window when she found it. The family who lived there initially had teenage boys who would sneak out their windows after mom went to bed. One of them had the same initials and yes, it was his. When I called him he was so excited and went immediately to claim it after over 30 years.

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    It baffles me how sunken ships are found 200 years later and personal points of interest are returned after 40 years such as the class ring and yet, missing people stay missing.. many do. I really feel there should be more freedom for the families to dig wherever they choose to find their missing loved ones. That will be the day killers no longer have the power to control the situation. That's just my thinking. I'm glad when anyone can find what or who they're searching for in life. It's really ironic. Good story anyhow. Gives hope, I guess. God bless.

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