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    Exclamation 5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

    For anyone who has seen those World's Dumbest Criminals clip shows on late-night TV, it may come as no surprise that burglars aren't always the smartest tools in the shed. But sometimes they don't even have to be.


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    Thank YOU for posting this, DK! xoxo

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    I have lived in my complex for three years and have had very very few complaints regarding management, but this is one of them:

    We have a large university population, which means many of our residents are away from their apartments for about five weeks every winter. So what does management do? They decide to put notices on everyone's doors about three days after classes let out (and the residents have gone home to family). The notices stay there until the wind blows them away or the residents return.

    Why don't they just put flags on the doors that say, "These residents are out of town. Fell free to enter and rob the joint?!"

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    Whoa...just what is the purported REASON for such door notices?

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    Thanks, DK.

    We live in a really quiet condo complex, but still get a ton of door traffic. Mostly local college kids trying to sell magazines. I love to keep my door open just for the air. So we got a deadbolt steel screen door (you can see through it and it's ventilated) -- but you'd need a tank to get through it.

    I really hated opening the door and not knowing who/what was on the other side. Now I can keep it open and talk to whomever without worrying about them coming to get me.

    I know that's a biggie - people opening doors to strangers. I'm good about it, but dangit if my teen and DH weren't opening the door for every person out there! Ughhh!


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    Oh I wish you would not keep your door open! Not even with the screen. Two scary stories.

    One neighbor had door open with screen door locked. Sat on couch to watch t.v. and fell asleep. Another neighbor cut the screen, unlocked the door, and came in. (Apartments.)

    Worst story. Nice neighborhood. Family at home on nice spring day, leave door open to let sunshine and air in. Two males just released from jail and high on crack come in, torture, tie them to a chair, bludgeon, burn, and murder the entire family. A young father, mother, and two toddlers. They took a v.c.r./dvd player.

    Peepholes are not hard to install, and don't cost very much. There has to be something else you can do.

    Unless I have included a link, it is my opinion and only my opinion that I am expressing.

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