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    TN - Mom Arrested After Fourth Baby Tests Positive for Cocaine

    Ora Boler

    Boler is a known crack user without a permanent home

    Boler has given birth to six children, four of which had cocaine in their systems


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    Ugh. A homeless drug addicted mother of 6, that has shown she is able to quit (as she had two kids without cocaine in their systems) but apparently not when she needs to.

    The only thing that is different between this case and a million others is that they are actually finally going to prosecute the mother. Finally. Most of the time, there is just a case opened, or the kid goes to foster care and the mother gets to go about their lives. We started my oldest son in early intervention therapies when he was atill under 2, and the majority of the kids that he went to school with were disabled either due to autism or maternal drug use. Many of them, even with intensive one on one therapy and early interventions, showed little to no improvement. Of course, that is not all kids that are born on drugs, but there are many that will not improve. Thhey will be developmentally and/or physically disabled forever. ANd the person that caused it, the one person that could have stopped it from happening, their mother, is often allowed to just walk out the door, and continue breeding with no consequences except the loss of custody.

    I understand addiction, I understand how many addicts feel that they are hurting no one but themselves, but that goes out the window in the face of a pregnancy. There are very few, if any, women that can claim they don't know what crack/cocaine will do to their child. Not with the level of public awareness.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    Someone would be doing that woman a favour by persuading her to have a tubal ligatation.
    England's dancing days are done...

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    35 & she looks 60

    why does it take four times to arrest her?

    she should've been arrested the first time

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    Someone gave her a free pass 3 times? Someone should have taken her into custody the first time she gave birth to a baby with coke in his/her system. Someone shares responsibility for 3 more babies born addicted to drugs.

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    It appears Ora Boler went for treatment.

    Ora Boler is back in jail.


    Reckless endangerment

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    Memphis mother of two did not think twice about adopting her sister's four children who were born addicted to crack cocaine...

    This is my calling for these babies right here,” said Tiffany Townes.

    Tiffany says the children give her life meaning.

    “They are my world," she said. "My children are my world.”

    Her commitment to them keeps the children together.

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