I don't know if people remember Paul Penzone from Nancy Grace or JVM, but he is running for Sheriff here in Maricopa County, AZ. I've always been impressed with him whenever he is on either of the shows.

In working with the Phoenix police force for more than 20 years he patrolled the streets, worked undercover on drug cases and directed the Silent Witness program.

Once retired, Penzone says he worked with a national non- profit organization to help children who were victims of sexual abuse, neglect.

In Penzone's campaign video (which can be seen below), he brings up 400 reports of sexual abuse against women and children that were never investigated under Arpaio's watch.
His campaign vid is also at the link.

This news just made my day! There was an incident where MCSO was asking for people who had been victimized by a doctor, another woman and I contacted MCSO, we didn't hear anything back. It wasn't a sex crime, it was murder, two people died while he was performing liposuction on them.

It was disturbing that we had to call multiple times. He hadn't made attempts on our lives but we did have information, records etc. of our experiences. The other woman had actually worked in his office and witnessed much more behind the scenes than I had.

(yes, I had liposuction )