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    UK - "I shot a killer monkey" : "What did you do during the war, daddy?"

    Sten guns in Exmouth!

    The day Dad's Army shot a killer monkey: Raging animal tackled by a real-life Private Pike, aged 15 (Daily Mail)
    The episode involved a Barbary macaque which escaped from a cage and attacked a housewife, fatally injuring her.

    Lance Corporal Butler, then 15, cornered the animal in a garden and shot it dead with his Sten submachine gun.
    On one occasion it escaped but was recaptured in the ladies’ toilet at the Beach Hotel in Exmouth. However, when it escaped a second time it attacked the Marine’s mother, savaging her arm.
    It wasn't a rogue Nazi invading the island; but almost as bad - a macaque gone haywire:
    ‘I went home where I lived with my parents and went to the cupboard under the stairs to fetch my Sten gun,’ he said. He found the monkey in the woman’s back garden on a wall.

    ‘It was baring its teeth and looking very vicious,’ he said. ‘I fired one shot.’
    Mr Butler’s were the only shots fired in anger in the history of the Exmouth Home Guard.
    the rest of the story at link above

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