A cute little thing, as they say. Weighs the same as Kate Perry.

Small wonder! In the world's tiniest car, Mailman drives straight to his desk (Daily Mail)
It looks as if someone has unbolted it from a merry-go-round and plonked it down in some traffic.

Postman Pat’s van could probably outrun it and the cabin is so cramped that Noddy would struggle to bring any shopping back from Toytown.

Ah, but there’s nothing quite like a Peel Car for driving to the office.
Great! Now what the heck is it?
The car is the born-again version of a uniquely British classic that was made on the Isle of Man between 1962 and 1965. Only 50 were ever produced.

Now it is being remanufactured as the P50 Peel Car by two enthusiasts who recently won backing from Dragons’ Den investor James Caan.

They are planning a limited edition run before deciding whether to produce a viable, everyday micro-car that would be hand-built in Britain.
more, with pictures of the diminuitive rascal, at link above