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    MI - Salt pork up nostrils stops 4-year-old girl's dangerous nosebleed

    Cured: Girl, 4, saved from life-threatening nosebleed after salted pork is put up her nostrils (Mail on Sunday)
    A girl [in Detroit] with a life-threatening nosebleed was cured when doctors put salted pork up her nostrils.

    Slices of the meat from a local supermarket were cut into narrow strips and placed inside the four-year-old’s nasal cavities.

    Over the next 48 hours, her condition improved and she left hospital with no further bleeding.

    Before the unusual treatment, the girl, who has a rare bleeding disorder, had been in intensive care for five days with surgeons unable to stop the blood loss.
    more at link above

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    (Filly cringes) Poor little girl. Five days in the ICU. Who knew salted pork could do this?

    No bleeding disorder here, but as a kid I had horrific nosebleeds. They'd take me to the hospital and they'd pack it. They'd have to hold me down and the clot goes down your throat. I really feel for this little doll. Man, that packing seemed like it would go for a mile. Getting it out was no joke either.

    Salted pork. Indeed.

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    Wow. How wonderful that man just happened to have heard of this unusual cure. Sometimes the most amazing things happen in the world. Her parents must be so incredibly grateful that something so simple ended up saving their daughters life, rather than some horrifying surgery or something.
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