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    OR - Myong Su Cho, 29, Portland, 18 January 1980


    The renewed investigation by a bureau cold case unit led to the arrest of Antonio Igisomar Wabol, now 52, who was indicted Wednesday on aggravated murder charges.

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    From January 2012:


    Detectives found the clothing on Jan. 18, 1980 when they were investigating the death of Myong Su Cho, a 29-year-old Portland State University student who worked as a clerk at a convenience store. Cho had been abandoned as an infant during the Korean War, lived in a rooming house and had supported himself with a variety of jobs after moving to Portland in 1975... Cho, who had been studying to be an engineer, had been working at the convenience store for just two weeks. He took the job because a financial grant had expired.

    Lawrence said Cho left behind no trace of his life. "He had no photos," the detective said. "We couldn't even find a driver's license or identification card. We had an artist do a composite sketch of him from his autopsy. When we go before the grand jury, we always have a photograph to humanize the victim. We want them to put a face to the name."

    When the trial ends, Lawrence said he plans to send the sketch to Cho's elderly sister. "It's all she will have of him," he said.
    From this month:


    A Portland jury unanimously acquitted a 55-year-old man of aggravated murder on Wednesday after he fought accusations that he fatally shot a Plaid Pantry convenience store clerk 35 years ago.

    Antonio Wabol will be released from Multnomah County jail Wednesday evening, roughly 3 years after he was charged with the Jan. 18, 1980, killing near the Portland State University campus...

    The case hinged on DNA evidence found on a mask. Prosecutors Tom Cleary and Chuck Mickley said it came back a match to Wabol, but the defense argued that Wabol was one of five people whose DNA was found on the mask. Only Wabol's DNA could be linked to a name -- and the defense argued that one of the others could have been the killer.

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