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    Canada - Victor Lynch-Staunton for child pornography, Ottawa, Ont, 2012

    "Uncle Victor" has no remorse, no regret. According to him, images of babies being raped is erotic nudity. Ummmm....NO, IT IS MOST ASSUREDLY NOT. It is evil!! Uncle Victor is a vile and nasty man, plain and simple. My heart goes out to every child this monster victimized.

    I've long worried about children being included in nudist/naturist clubs and camps....some even with helipads for spontaneous visiting (!!!)...and some with videos available of cavorting naked children. We've just seen far far too many tragedies. For those interested in knowing more about this issue, I highly suggest the following link. Be aware that the stories are horrifying:



    Ottawa nudist imprisoned for possessing child pornography
    January 26, 2012

    "The one-time treasurer of an Ottawa nudist club who encouraged other parents to engage in sexual acts with their children has been sentenced to five years in prison for possessing thousands of pictures, videos and stories of child pornography. Victor Lynch-Staunton or "Uncle Victor" as he referred to himself in one of his computer chats claimed his online activity was the "natural expression of his sexuality."

    Lynch-Staunton, 56, also explained to a probation officer that he didn't know his vast collection of child pornography, which included horrifying images of babies being raped, was illegal. "It wasn't pornography; it was erotic nudity," Lynch-Staunton explained to a probation officer...."


    "....He also avoided testing that could have helped determine whether he is a pedophile, claiming it was against his Jehovah's Witness religion to view the child pornography necessary for the test. Ontario Superior Court Justice Lynn Ratushny wasn't swayed by Lynch-Staunton's portrayal of himself as a "kindly nudist" and "fatherly, caring and gentle figure....."

    more at link

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    5 years? When are the courts going to get serious with the sentences for these perverts? Keeping them locked up is the only way to protect the public.
    Forum: Jury Room
    Thread: Most interesting classic unsolved murder cases

    This thread currently has over 350 cases with a brief synopsis of each and we are still adding additional cases.

    You can access a spreadsheet that lists the cases in alphabetical order with the page & post number so that you can locate a particular case you may be interested in. It also contains links to any cases that already have a thread on WS.

    Many cases do not have a thread. Please feel free to start one in the appropriate forum if you would like to look into one. Should you start a thread on one of these cases, please let me know so that I can add the link to the spreadsheet.

    Here is the link for the spreadsheet in alphabetical order:

    Here is the link for the spreadsheet in country order:

    Forum: Jury Room
    Thread: Cold But Not Too Old Murder Case List

    This is a listing of newer but still cold cases. As with the above thread we will be adding as we go along. Most of these cases will probably have threads. If you do start a new one, please let me know so I can add the link to the spreadsheets. The spreadsheets may be accessed from the links below.

    Here is the link for the spreadsheet in alphabetical order:


    Here is the link for the spreadsheet in country order:

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    "Kindly nudist"? Who would describe themselves like that?

    Monster, creeper, pervert, freak.

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