Troubles all over.

BREAKING NEWS: Policeman injured after 'disabled gunman blasts his car during siege' in sleepy Lincolnshire village

A siege was underway in a Fenland village tonight after a police officer was injured when gunshots were fired at his vehicle.

One local resident said the suspected gunman was thought to regularly travel around the village on his mobility scooter, although there was no suggestion he was using the vehicle at the time of the incident.
Was the officer shot?
It is thought the officer suffered minor injuries after being showered with glass when the window was shot out. Police confirmed the unnamed officer had not been shot.
Where exactly is this occuring? Is the seige over yet?
The gunman, thought to be in his late 50s, last night remained inside the property in the south Lincolnshire village of Sutton St James.
more, including pictures and map, at Daily Mail link above