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    UT - Revolving blue 'UFO' in night sky puzzles observers

    What is it? Man captures video of spinning blue UFO 'cruising slow' over Utah
    The stunning image of a UFO was captured on video last week, but is it an alien craft, or is there a simpler explanation?

    Anthony Piceno, of American Fork, Utah, said he was drawn to the sight in the air because it was like nothing he had ever seen before.

    The video shows the blue craft resembling a spinning top floating in the sky and moving very slowly.

    Mr Piceno said: ‘I looked up in the sky and, you know, it was just a different object, it was neon blue, red flashing lights’.

    He watched the object floating in the sky for a few minutes, observing how it was 'just cruising slow' in the sky.
    more at Daily Mail link above, with pictures and a video of the object in flight, and in which explanations are offered

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    In the State of Denial
    I need to get outside more...ugh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sooner Fan#1 View Post
    I need to get outside more...ugh
    I live more or less in the landing path of Tulsa Int'l, 90 miles away but the planes from the east are already starting their descent, so there's a lot going on in my sky. However, if I saw a spinning, neon-blue whateverthatthingis, I'm sure it would make an impression! Not buying the one guy's RC plane theory. Paragliders flying at night and decked out in blue lights? Sounds a bit of a stretch too.

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