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    TX - Efe Idehen for scalding baby son, Abilene, 2012


    Efe Omo Idehen faces first-degree felony charges stemming from an incident that allegedly took place on Sunday.

    skin had "fallen off" of the child's legs, which suffered second and third-degree burns,

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    Omg! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Someone should put Efe Omo Idehen in a large vat of hydrochloric acid.

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    I suffered a third degree burn on my leg when I was 15, it was indescribably painful. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Anyone who does that to a baby deserves a punishment that no civilised society could ever inflict.

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    Not much more but does say the baby was flown to a burn unit.
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    Poor little thing. How about we dunk his head in the same water? I'm sick of people giving their children these horrific, painful burns. Shame on him.
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    Thread: Most interesting classic unsolved murder cases

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    You can access a spreadsheet that lists the cases in alphabetical order with the page & post number so that you can locate a particular case you may be interested in. It also contains links to any cases that already have a thread on WS.

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    Fisher has worked tirelessly to rebuild her life with Aaron, who spent a month at a burn hospital in Dallas where he received skin grafts. He spent his first birthday at a Ronald McDonald house.
    Today, you would never know that Aaron was burned. He’s a ridiculously tall 21-month-old who can run and play as much as he wants, though his toes remained webbed from the skin graft.



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    A six-man, six-woman jury sentenced an Abilene man to a two-year suspended sentence for state jail felony injury to a child.

    Efe Omo Idehen, 26, was found guilty Wednesday. He faced a sentence of six months to two years in prison.

    Prosecutors claimed Idehen tried to give his 11-month-old son a bath in scalding hot water causing severe injuries to the baby.

    If Idehen stays out of trouble for five years, he will not spend time in jail for this charge. The jury also gave him a $10,000 fine that was not suspended.


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