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    Even without opening attachments, new cyber-virus email can infect PC

    Threat from new virus-infected emails which take over your PC even if you DON'T open their attachments
    A new class of cyber attack is threatening PCs - emails which infect PCs without the user having to open an attachment.

    The user will not even be warned this is happening - the only message that appears is 'loading'.

    The email automatically downloads malicious software into your computer from elsewhere the moment a user clicks to open it.

    The mails themselves are not infected - and thus will not 'set off' many web-security defence packages.
    Any clues as to what I should look for in my in-box?
    The current wave of emails arrive with the title 'Banking Security Update.'
    the rest at Daily Mail link above

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    I just got my comp back today. A virus had wiped out everything and it could not be recovered. I'm not sure how I got the virus but someone else I know had the same happen to thier comp. They are blaming it on an e mail they opened that said it was from Fed Ex. Thinking back, I remembered opening one that said it was from Fed Ex as well right before mine crashed. I had ordered something online so I thought nothing of it. Be extra careful.

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