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    FL - Annelise Schweickardt, 68, Sarasota, 9 April 2003 *Arrest*

    Schweickardt was a German citizen living in the US since 2001. A missing persons report was taken in 2003 after her friends were unable to reach her for several weeks. Schweickardt had been renting a room in her house to a male who she was trying to evict. A search of the home revealed large areas of blood clean-up, and Schweickardt's purse and passport were still inside. Her vehicle was found in possession of her former tenent.

    NamUs - https://www.findthemissing.org/cases/show/3949

    Charley Project - http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/..._annelise.html

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    Wow. This one stands out to me as a case LE should have been able to file charges of murder without a body. Especially with the large amount of blood found in her home. NamUs lists no dna available. I wonder if that is because she had no other bio family living here in the US?

    She was last seen in April of 2003. According to NamUs, her car wasn't recovered until December 8th of 2003. That's a really long time for the former tenant to be tooling around in Annellise's car. I wonder what reason he gave LE for having the car so many months after Annelise's disappearance.

    I really don't see why a nobody murder charge was never filed. Unless LE was unable to find family members to prove the enormous amount of blood found in her home belonged to Annelise. So sad, and such a shame. I wonder if that is the case if Sarasota police couldn't work with interpol or some international agency to try and obtain dna samples from oversea's family members. This is a case that imo, seems it should be easily solvable, at least with regards to who is responsible.

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    for Annelise, missing 10 years next week.
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    ARREST MADE!!! on Feb. 4th of this year- Finally!!

    Advancements in DNA profiling over the last nine years gave Sarasota County detectives enough evidence to finally arrest and charge a man suspected of killing a woman in 2003 whose body has never been recovered.

    Though DNA testing continues, the warrant confirmed there was sufficient evidence to arrest John Alan Mellquist now. Sheriff’s detectives conferred with the State Attorney’s Office throughout this investigation and prosecutors agreed with the timing of the arrest and are preparing for the prosecution of Mellquist for the murder of Anneliese Schweickardt.
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    I don't see Mellquist in the current Sarasota County jail inmate list or on Vinelink. I'm not sure how to research the courts for this case, either. Could someone have posted bond for him pending trial?

    WTSP has a higher resolution and uncropped version of the photo used by Charley Project and NamUs.

    Bumping for Annelise today. 11 years is a long time to wait for answers.

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    Sarasota County Clerk's website:

    Criminal Cases
    Case search by name: Mellquist, John

    Case Number 2013 CR 001460 NC Reopened:

    Summary Charges
    Court Type: NC - Felony
    Case Type: Criminal Felony
    SAO Case #:
    Agency: Sarasota County Sheriff's Office
    Status Date: 11/14/2014
    Total Fees Due: 50.00
    Custody Location:
    Agency Report #: 200300088660

    Count Description Disposition
    1 MURDER IN THE SECOND DEGREE (782.04(2)1) Unable to Stand Trial
    Offense Date Initial Status Date OBTS #
    04/09/2003 02/01/2013 5801187266

    Under View Case details, are 2 years of cancelled and held motion hearings, some to determine his competency to stand trial. And if I am interpreting correctly, he is not. But I also see 1 more court hearing scheduled for July 23.

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