Alamo Heights TX is an affluent, incorporated town within the city of San Antonio.

Defendant's tears called no match for science
Jon Thomas Ford appeared distraught, occasionally crying, as he told a detective three years ago that he didn't know why anybody would target his ex-girlfriend, found brutally murdered in her home just outside Alamo Heights two days earlier.

Dana Clair Edwards, 32, was “a wonderful girl, full of energy, always there for others,” jurors heard Ford say Wednesday as the videotaped interview was played by prosecutors at the outset of his high-profile murder trial.

But underneath the tears, Ford was spinning very calculated lies about his activities and whereabouts that morning, which security footage and cellphone records would unravel, prosecutor Kathy Cunningham said in an opening statement.
Another wince-worthy fact of the matter:
Her Jack Russell terrier, Grit, was found dead a week later, thrown over Olmos Dam.
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