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    Canada - Carmen Robinson, 17, Victoria BC, 8 Dec 1973

    Missing since December 8, 1973 from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
    Classification: Endangered Missing

    Age at Time of Disappearance: 17 years old
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Blonde hair

    Carmen Robinson was last seen exiting a bus at West Burnside Road and Holland Avenue in View Royal, two blocks from her View Royal home.

    Robinson worked as a dishwasher at the Ingraham Hotel on Douglas Street near Burnside Road East. After her shift on Saturday, December 8, 1973, she caught the bus home, intending to enjoy two days off. She was last seen stepping into the night at West Burnside Road and Holland Avenue, a short distance from her house. She did not make it home.

    Doe Network - http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/2863dfbc.html

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    Bumping for Carmen, missing 39 years today.

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    Friends are convinced it is foul play, she isn't the type to just run off, she was steady and reliable.

    A mass murderer Clifford Olson is a possible suspect.

    Two days before she disappeared she argued with a man on her street.


    Everything is MOO and I am always willing to be wrong!

    October 2013 marked 60 years since Evelyn Hartley's violent kidnapping while babysitting.

    We need fresh eyes in the case - please visit us in
    Evelyn's thread!

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    As of a few years ago, Clifford Olson still the primary suspect. Would like to clarify in today's US terms he is a serial killer not a mass murderer.


    "Police tried to locate all known sex offenders in the area. Detectives also briefly used another tactic -- they put their wives on buses late at night and told them to look for anyone suspicious. Unfortunately, this turned up no leads.

    Undercover officers kept surveillance on several houses near the bus stop, without success, said Milne. "It was really frustrating, because in a lot of cases you have a lead or something to go on, to bring up a flag," said Milne. "There were absolutely no flags to go in any direction."


    "Detectives tried something unusual -- they hypnotized a woman who claimed to have seen Robinson arguing with a man on Helmcken Road two days before she disappeared.

    The witness described a man with a swarthy complexion, black hair and a full beard. She said Robinson got into his car, an early '70s Chevy Nova or Plymouth Duster painted burnt orange.

    "If I see one of those, I still write the licence plate down," said Brown, now retired and serving as B.C.'s deputy police complaint commissioner.

    The car had a bumper sticker with the name Ferguson. With help from the public, police matched the sticker to a school board election in B.C.'s interior. It still remains one of only leads in the case."


    Everything is MOO and I am always willing to be wrong!

    October 2013 marked 60 years since Evelyn Hartley's violent kidnapping while babysitting.

    We need fresh eyes in the case - please visit us in
    Evelyn's thread!

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    Carmen's been missing 40 years now... Hope she is found soon.

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    41 years now. This 2 yr old post is still timely with statics on unsolved homicides.

    Carmen Robinson a life with no conclusion
    Carmen Robinson should be 56, a greying boomer, perhaps an early retiree discovering the joy of life untethered from the daily grind. Time to sip mid morning lattes. Time to lounge with a favourite book. Time for family. Instead, Carmen (inset) is a smiling snapshot, a memory, a life with no conclusion. She also is a statistic, one of thousands of unsolved murders that have been accumulating in Canada in the past half century. Carmen was just 17 when she stepped off a bus a few blocks from her home in Victoria, British Columbia, on December 8, 1973. She vanished and was, it is presumed, murdered. Her body has not been found and her killer remains unknown.

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