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    AZ - Son lives with mother's decaying corpse - was it murder?

    A surprising number of these sorts of stories - either barely living or freshly dead, the "man shares house with decaying body of mom" tales* seem never quite to go away. (*Also the "died quite some time ago" variant, though this seems more rare.)

    Man, 25, arrested after he was discovered living with his mother's rotting corpse (Daily Mail)
    A 25-year-old man has been arrested after a rancid stench led police to discover he had been living with his dead mother's rotting corpse.

    Christopher Aguilar went about his daily routine as his mother, 47-year-old Carmelita, lay dead in a bathtub inside their apartment in Tucson, Arizona. He has been charged with one count of abandoning and concealing a body.
    How long had this situation been going on?
    It is not yet known how long the woman had been dead for but her body was so badly decomposed investigators initially could not determine the gender.
    Possible homicide, you say?
    'The person was found in a bathtub, I believe, and may have either been bound or was found in some circumstance for police to believe she may not have died naturally,' Dr Gregory Hess, Pima County's Chief Medical Examiner, told KGUN9-TV.

    Detectives are treating the discovery as a homicide, but are still investigating whether Aguilar was involved in his mother's death.
    more, with pictures, at DM link above

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    I guess he didn't have too many friends over.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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    Always with the neighbors. Gotta love neighbors. They grew concerned when thay hadn't seen Carmelita for some time. Not they grew concerned about the stench permeating the entire complex.

    Then ya get Mr. Vidal. He says he was an alright guy but he didn't trust him because of the look on his face? He started looking nuts the guy says. Uhhhhhhhh yeah well he was living Psycho style with his mom's corpse.

    RIP Miss Carmelita Aguilar.

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