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View Poll Results: My beliefs on who is responsible for taking Lisa four months ago

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  • My beliefs are firm.

    49 56.32%
  • My beliefs are squishy (not undecided but not firm)

    20 22.99%
  • My beliefs are undecided

    18 20.69%

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    Lisa has been missing over four months now (poll)

    Lisa has been missing over four months now. Do you have firm thoughts or are you undecided in who you believe is responsible for her vanishing? This poll is not so much about who you believe is responsible but if you believe firmly in who you suspect or if you are undecided.

    As always, snark and personal attacks are not acceptable when posting*

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    I firmly believe that I'm in the undecided category.

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    Firm....set like cement.
    If there's hink....there must be stink.

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    I'm squishy. I know what I believe; I just don't want to be right. I want Baby Lisa to come home safe and sound.

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    My hinkey meter went up immediately in the beginning of this case, however, I tried to keep an open mind. Not now. Set in stone.

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    Totally on the very top of the fence. Not leaning any particular way at this point. too much bad info or no info.

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    On the wall with a smidgen of squishy
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    I guess I would have to fit in the squishy catagory,..not undecided, but not firm.

    I'm not undecided about what I believe, that is that Lisa was abducted by someone knowing the family, as well as the neighborhood. However, more facts about the case could change my mind on that.

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    I pretty much feel the same way as 4Jacy does. I did/do try to keep an open mind, but I just see too many inconsistencies in her story. I firmly believe that she has something to do with Lisa's disappearance. I didn't believe so in the beginning, but by the time she shut down to LE, I had already begun to believe that she had something to do with it.

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    I was on the wall before, but now I'm pretty sure this was a stranger abduction.
    That doesn't mean I'd be surprised to learn otherwise though.
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    I'm pretty sure it was not a SODDI .. too many coincidences for me. I'm firm in my belief that the answer lies with Deb and JI and the neighbor

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    My beliefs about Lisa's disappearance are firm.

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    ... F I R M ...

    And after that recent "performance" on the DP Show ... I'm even more FIRM than I was before the show aired ...

    A hurricane or a tornado won't even make me "budge" on this one ...

    MOO ...
    JMSSO = Just My Super Secret Opinion

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    Debby's story was ridiculous from the beginning, and it only got worse as she started lying and changing it. There is no mystery here.

    It's sad she seems to have gotten away with it, but sometimes that happens.
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    Very firm in my belief.

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