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    OH - Ronald Whitmore, for sex abuse, child porn, 2011

    O.K. I'm doing this backwards because I wanted to check if I could find anything on this guy and sure enough he was in the news so I was stuck with that link last.

    Ron Whitmore was said he was going to change his middle name from Lee to Bad luck. More like perverted creep would have been better. In April of 2011 poor Whitmore was out of work, his house had been on fire, had gotten his last unemployment check and then to top it off high winds sent a tree crashing onto the van he had been living in outside his house while it got worked on.

    Now go to December when a relative brought a cell phone to cops which depicted "Bad Luck" there sexually assaulting a child. No denying it was him and the pictures went back to 2010.

    Here's a really alarming part. Whilst the high winds blew down the tree onto his van he was in mind ya the two "former neighbor's kids he was watching "Thank God" he says were outside playing. In flippin winds high enough to take out a van?

    The original article.


    Man, right now whoever left their kids alone with blind in one eye, I'm out of work, call me a wahmbulance "Bad Luck Whitmore" must be having a panic attack.

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    Production and posession of child pornography. Ronald L Whitmore.


    The photographs had gone back to May 2010 up until December 2011. Also found on his computer etc.

    Alright so he was living in a van crying poor mouth and worried about his burned out house yet he was sexually assaulting at least one child with a phone he could afford and computer he could afford.

    Hmmmmmmmmm, for all we know he may have been selling his child pornography he was producing. Creep. Maybe someone tried to burn him out of his own home or God himself sent them high winds upon his trailer. What was in there and why were kids being babysat in it? Yet were out playing in high winds?

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    I don't get this. Why, when we have a child that has been molested and pictures have been taken, the perp is charged with production of child pornography. No mention of child sexual assault. Every time. Why can't they be charged with both?
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    Per this appeal document, Ronald L. Whitmore received a 300-month sentence for this crime.

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