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    Florence Green, last known surviving Great War veteran, dies aged 110

    Not to be confused with Frank Buckles, the last surviving American WWI veteran, who drove ambulances near the front in the war's last year and who also died at 110, in 2011, or Harry Patch, the last surviving fighting veteran of the war - the "last fighting Tommy," he served in the trenches - and died in his native England in 2009 aged 111. (And, for those keeping score at home, the last surviving Canadian war veteran was John Babcock, who trained in England but never fought actively, dying in 2010 at age 109.)

    Florence Green, Last World War I Veteran, Dies at 110 (New York Times)
    The last veteran of World War I was a waitress, and for 90 years no one knew her name.

    Florence Green, a member of Britain’s Royal Air Force who was afraid of flying, died in England on Saturday, two weeks shy of her 111th birthday. She was believed to have been the war’s last living veteran — the last anywhere of the tens of millions who served.

    Mrs. Green, who joined the R.A.F. as a teenager shortly before war’s end, worked in an officer’s mess on the home front. Her service was officially recognized only in 2010, after a researcher unearthed her records in Britain’s National Archives.
    more, with a picture of still-spry-looking Ms. Green at 109, at NYT link above

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    Rest in Peace. Thank you for your selfless service in time of war.

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    Neat story from your link:

    At Marham, Mrs. Green witnessed what was undoubtedly the most benign bombing of the war. On Nov. 11, 1918, when armistice was declared, the Marham fliers celebrated by swooping down on the Narborough airfield, a few miles away, and letting loose bags of flour. The Narborough boys quickly retaliated by pelting Marham with bags of soot.

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