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    UK - Wayne Morgan, 33, Pantyffynnon Woods, Wales, 30 April 2008

    Poor guy. Doesn't seem to have done anything (lately; see below) but live (extremely) rough, but concern exists as to his safety and so the hunt is on; a tabloid take on matters....

    Cops hunt the Wales 'wolfman' (Sun)
    Police issued a photo of eccentric Wayne Morgan, 37, and appealed for help tracking him down amid fears he could die in the cold weather.

    The long-haired loner dubbed Wolfman because of his wild appearance has apparently been hiding deep in the forest since 2007.

    He survives by hunting rabbits and foraging for plants and berries.
    and a more even-handed, informative one from thisissouthwales.co.uk:

    Mayor's worries for 'Wolfman' in bitter weather
    Mayor Irena Hopkins said: "It is awful to think of someone outside in this freezing weather and I do hope he has found shelter somewhere.

    "I hate to think of anybody living in conditions like that."
    This one does, however, include a bit of his troubled history:
    Mr Morgan has been the subject of police interest before, when he was wanted in connection with a string of petty thefts.

    Two years before that, he had been questioned by police over an allegation he looked over a hedge at a woman in a hot tub.

    He was not charged over any of these incidents and his solicitor at the time said he was not a danger to the public.
    more at the links above

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    I applaud the mayor, LE and media for their efforts in attempting to locate this man in all honesty. All too often people 'mind their own business' to the detriment of others in my opinion.

    From the article below:
    “Wayne knows how to survive on the land, but hypothermia can get anyone, no matter how good they are,” he said.

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    I'm afraid for this man and his survival. Not only from the elements but if someone does find (which it seems he doesn't want to be found) the trauma he may go through. He may even harm himself trying to elude people that are just trying to help him.

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    I note that, in copying the Mail's spelling, I've evidently gotten it wrong: "Pantyffynnon" it evidently should be. I knew I should have learned Welsh. (sigh)

    Editor in plea to missing ‘Wolfman’ of Wales (holdthefront page.co.uk)
    “But strip away the legend and what’s left? A missing man, a police appeal and a worried family anxious for news.

    “The story of ‘The Wolfman’ of Pantffynnon tips is actually a very human one.”
    the rest at link above

    Here's the complete South Wales Guardian appeal:

    Guardian editor Mike Lewis makes a personal appeal to 'The Wolfman' of Pantyffynnon tips
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    The heartbroken father of missing Wayne Morgan has a cupboard full of unopened Christmas presents for his son.

    Arfon Morgan bought the 40-year-old hats, gloves and jumpers because he already knew his son was sleeping rough...

    Christmas is difficult,” the 60-year-old said.

    “There are still parcels wrapped here from over six years ago that have not been opened. They are still there.”...

    Arfon hates the nickname his son has acquired.

    He said: “It’s ridiculous because it makes him sound like one of the wild men of Borneo.

    “Everyone that knows him knows him as a mild mannered guy.

    “He had a beard and long hair so they tagged that name on there.”

    Charity Missing People described Wayne as living an “alternative lifestyle”.

    So, so sad

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