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    Huguette Clark

    Such a sad saga - which continues. All previous history is linked at the end of this latest chapter:


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    NEW YORK The mystery itself is a masterpiece. A $10 million painting by Degas a simple figure of a ballerina in a yellow and red tutu pointing her toe vanished from the New York City apartments of reclusive heiress Huguette Clark, and wound up, innocently enough, on the living room wall of Henry Bloch, a Kansas art collector better known as the "H" in the tax company H&R Block. How it got there is a multi-layered tale involving one of the more colorful transactions in the history of high-end art.

    For readers who have been following the Clark mystery story on msnbc.com, this episode provides a new piece of evidence that could be important in the legal battle over her $400 million estate. Now we know that her longtime physician, as part of a settlement over the painting, signed a statement swearing to her competency, describing his then-102-year-old patient as "mentally and physically alert." This was in 2008, or three years after she signed a will cutting her family out of any inheritance and planning an art museum in her California home.

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    Apparently she had a huge doll collection. I would love to see it. Fascinating and sad story...
    England's dancing days are done...

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    I did a piece on one of my blogs on Huguette Clark a couple years ago.
    She was a facinating person.

    Huguette died last year according to foxnews http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/06/17...est=latestnews

    RIP Huguette Clark.
    Cindi Lou

    Some people may consider me crazy, I say I'm just inspired.

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