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    Unhappy UK Pensioner, 71, and her six-year-old grandson are found dead in village pond

    This is so sad
    From link
    A police spokesman said: 'Following a call from a parent at about 2120hrs last evening expressing concern for the welfare of her six-year-old son and her 71-year-old mother, police attended the elderly woman’s address in Castle Bytham. No-one was there and a search began for the missing persons and the car owned by the grandmother.
    'The little boy had gone to spend the previous night with his grandmother and they were due to return home on Thursday evening. Ground searches were begun and an RAF search and rescue helicopter was called in to assist.
    England's dancing days are done...

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    So sad regardless of what did happen to put them both there. Prayers for us all.

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    Devastating! Seems likely the youngster fell in and she went in to rescue him... and of course, being a duck pond, the slightest disturbance of the bottom would murk up the water impossibly bad. She probably died of hypothermia fishing around for him.

    God be with the rest of their family--

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    Ah, just so sad. I feel so sorry for these two.

    Rest in peace....

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    Looks to have been accidental:

    Grandmother, 71, and her six-year-old grandson found dead after 'falling into village pond while feeding the ducks' (Daily Mail)
    A grandmother and her six-year-old grandson were found dead in a village pond after apparently drowning while feeding the ducks.

    The pensioner stopped off on their way back to the boy's parents house yesterday after spending the day together.

    The bodies were later found in the water and the woman's car abandoned nearby.

    Police today admitted they may never know why the pair drowned as there were no witnesses. However, it is not being treated as suspicious.
    more at link above

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    The Mail has added (at the same link above) to their story, with remembrances of neighbors of the little boy and his grandmother:
    Carol Spall, 73, who lives next door, said: ‘He was always an adventurous little boy. Everyone he met fell in love with him.

    ‘We would see his little head peering over the garden wall, he always wanted to stop and have a chat.

    ‘He endeared himself to everyone. He was a lovely little boy. This is so horrendous, they were such a close, loving family.’
    much more at link above

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