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    Second-to-last Rabbs' fringe-limbed tree frog euthanized at Zoo Atlanta

    One life closer to what seems an inevitable extinction - unless more are out there in the wild, in Central America. And this I pray.

    Rare frog euthanized at Zoo Atlanta (ajc.com)
    A male Rabbs’ fringe-limbed tree frog, believed to be one of only two of its kind on Earth, was euthanized Friday at Zoo Atlanta.

    The frog, whose age was not known, was euthanized after a marked decline in his health and behavior. The Animal Management and Veterinary Teams decided to end the frog’s life to prevent suffering and to preserve genetic material that could be used to study the species, which is believed to be extinct in the wild.
    The last known member of the species – also a male – resides at Atlanta Botanical Garden.
    more, with a picture of the cute little guy, at link above

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    I also love the little guys...and there is hope that a colony survives, but we continue abusing our planet.


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