A drunk priest who was arrested after committing four offences within an hour in Croatia claims his drink was spiked.

Father Josip Stefancic, 35, from Slunj, who was celebrating St Martin's Day, allegedly hit a fellow drinker in a restaurant and brandished a rifle in front of terrified diners.

After leaving the restaurant, he allegedly caused a car crash and then insulted police officers when he refused to take a breath test.

But the priest now claims that someone must have spiked his drink as he dined with friends, local daily Vecernji List reported.

He said: "Someone must have put something in my drink. I only had a few glasses of wine and I doubt I could get that drunk from that amount of alcohol."

The priest did admit he had punched a man in the restaurant because he had been rude about his mother and said he had the licensed rifle with him because he had been hunting.