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I did read both, the two stations had opposite info as to whether or not anything was found...
Here is the paragraph from the WMCTV article which MagnoliaMom linked in her post that refers to found articles in the search.

"However, Hatley said one person finally did confirm that the search was for Holly Bobo.

"One mounted unit came from DeKalb County, AL, and the sheriff wrote a news release saying that they discovered "significant articles of

The sheriff wouldn't say what those items were and neither would the TBI."
So the WMCTV (above)website agrees with the Fox6 website that I
quoted in my previous post.

The unit searched using spiral and grid technologies and was able to
find several significant articles of evidence.

Now,I am not sure I answered your question or if I am still so baffled by the
flip flop at the WAFF website which changed their article from "significant
article" found in search..... to "did not find anything".

So we have two news sources (WMCTV and Fox6) saying "significant" and WAFF switching from "significant" to "did not find anything".