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    And then there were four: 1906 San Francisco quake survivor dead at 109

    One of the last survivors of devastating 1906 earthquake
    who 'watched San Francisco burn' dies aged 109
    (Daily Mail)
    Aged three, Rose Cliver was only a toddler when the city around her violently shook and nearly burned to the ground.

    She was one of the survivors of the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, which essentially flattened the entire city to the ground and took the lives of more than 3,000 people.

    At age 109, Miss Cliver was one of the last survivors of the quake that happened more than a century ago. She died Saturday in Santa Rosa.
    Lee Housekeeper, who organises San Francisco’s annual remembrances each April 18, said this year’s ceremony will be dedicated to Miss Cliver.
    There are now four survivors. Mr Housekeeper identified them to MailOnline as George Quilici, born in 1905, Winnie Hook, born only two months before the quake, Ruth Newman, born in 1901, and William Del Monte.
    much more, with many pictures and a video, at link above

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    Our neighbor growing up had survived the quake and fire. I think her name was Mrs. Hanson. She gave me three china plates that had been in the fire, and had been heated enough that ash had attached to the glaze, so at least 900 - 1000 degrees F. The problems that happened during the earthquake and fire, taught California a lot about earthquake survival. From building codes to fire preparation to shut offs on gas pipes, it was a very horrendous and influential event in the early history of our quake prone state.

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    I read the book "A Crack in the Edge of the World: America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906" by Simon Winchester when it was published. A really great read about not only this fire but he gives a good lesson in conversational style (like a really good professor that all the students fight to get in his class style) about why the quake happened and plates...etc.

    I think this might have been the book I read where the author also talked about seismic activity in Texas and Yellowstone area (which raised the hair on my head because I didn't know about yellowstone) I really enjoyed it.

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