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    MI - Delric Miller, 9 mos, killed in drive-by shooting, 20 Feb 2012


    Neighbors say two men stood in the middle of the street with at least one assault rifle and opened fire, riddling the front of the house with 37 bullets. They then continued to fire away at the side of the house.

    Chief Godbee openly expressed outrage at both the people responsible - and the mentality of those who might be able to help, but stay silent.

    He said the term "citizen" should be used "loosely" to describe those who can help, but choose not to

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    That is awful...
    Just my, no one elses

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    The mother's sister was killed in a drive by in 2001...
    The grandmother's brother killed their mother and 2 other people.


    The walls are pierced with bullet holes, and one of those bullets hit baby Delric, though his mother didn't even know it.
    She picked him up, ran downstairs and then realized he was dead.

    Gun violence took the life of four-year-old Shania Salter, who was killed in a drive-by shooting at their home on Patton back in 2001.

    Six months later, Wilkins' brother, James Wilkins, shot and killed their mother, Rose, and two other people, and now this.

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    retracted because i don't want a time out
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    This is terrible! This happens all the time in Flint too, house are shot into by people in cars or walking on the street. Also people on the street are shot. I was at Hurley Hospital one night with my daughter when 2 15 year old boys were brought in who had been shot in the face, neck, and chest. I believe they survived but they were in bad shape for awhile. They had over 20 friends and relatives in the ER waiting room praying for them and waiting for news and to see them. They were innocent kids walking home from a friend's house. It was sad and scary. It wasn't even that late at night when it happened either. Its not safe on the streets or in houses in Flint. Another man recently in Flint was shot and killed in his car by someone who shot into the car. Flint has had about 9 or more murders already this year, maybe more, plus other stabbings, shootings, rapes, etc. where the person survived. Its a war zone. No one is safe. The police scanner gets calls of shots fired many times each night and sometimes during the day, also lots of fights where people bring out guns or knives or bats. Many homes are broken into, cars are carjacked, places are jobbed repeatedly by armed robbers. I feel nervous when I go into Flint or even close to it at night (and some areas in the day too).

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    This is the Detroit we are all exhausted by, the Detroit where babies die with explanations so empty that a mildly rational person will laugh at the official scenario: a fight over seating at a baby shower.

    A day later, bullets are fired into Delric's house, catching him on the couch, sleeping.



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    As far as I can tell, no one has yet been charged in connection with the shooting that killed baby Delric almost 4 years ago

    Rest in peace, Delric.




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