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    OH/WV - Your basic "Time to blow up that big old suspension bridge" video interlude

    Blowing the bridge: Stunning video of condemned span which
    collapses in six seconds after being blown up by 153lb of explosives
    (with longer video)
    The Fort Steuben Bridge had stood for 83 years, but it came down in just six seconds yesterday morning after 153lb of explosives were applied along its 500-yard span.

    A stretch of the river was then closed for 24 hours as cleanup crews removed the debris of the bridge.
    However, over the last few years the age and narrowness of the Fort Steuben Bridge saw it decline in importance, and in 2009 it was closed to traffic.

    According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, the joints of the bridge were failing and would have deteriorated further, making it impossible to save the bridge.
    more at Daily Mail link above
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    Perhaps that's the only way to do it, but is that good for the river?

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    Having grown up in the ohio valley, it was cool to see the links all over the place for that old bridge. It was at one time the busiest bridge. I don't think there are any plans to build another one in its place.
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