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    NJ - Grandmother, 4 children dead in South Plainfield fire

    House fire kills grandmother and four children as boy, 15, escapes with his baby sister (Daily Mail)
    A grandmother and four children were killed this morning when a fire swept through their 130-year-old house in South Plainfield, New Jersey.

    Another baby girl was reportedly saved when her teenage brother ran out of the burning home carrying her in his arms.

    The 15-year-old apparently tried to return inside to rescue other family members, but was stopped by firefighters.

    A neighbour said he heard the teenager desperately shouting 'Come out, come out, get out of the house!' after the fire broke out.
    more, with pictures, at link above

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    How terribly sad. Those old houses have cotton wiring, and many have plaster walls..they burn fast and hot. We lost our home to a house fire in 2005-luckily we all got out-but the fireman said there wasn't much they could do as the fire traveled through the (cotton) wiring into the rest of the home, and the old homes are kindling waiting to be ignited. Prayers for all in this terrible fire...

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    At least the mother and some other children got out but one child is in serious condition...hoping that he can recover...

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    So sad.
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