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    NYC - Occupy WS baby born in taxi; great "first minutes of life" video included

    Blessed are the caregivers.

    Occupy baby: OWS activist gives birth in the backseat
    of a cab (and videographer husband films the whole thing)
    (Daily Mail)
    Unfortunately for expectant mothers, they do not usually have a choice as to when their little bundle of joy is going to make its appearance in the world.

    For one mother, she did not expect her baby to start making its journey right in the middle of an Occupy Wall Street meeting, which she and her husband were hosting.

    And they certainly did not expect their child to be born in the back seat of a cab 35 minutes later, right into the hands of her husband.
    Baby Mila Amie Economopoulos Jones was quite the celebrity among paramedics and policemen and the nurses when she eventually arrived at the hospital.

    Beka Economopoulos told The Gothamist: 'The police commander actually shut down the Pulsaki Bridge and Queens Midtown Tunnel and escorted us to Bellevue.

    'Ten or twelve paramedics came into hospital with us. Everyone was so excited. If they had cigars, they would have been giving them out.'
    the rest of the story, with pictures, at link above
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    Beautiful baby, I feel quite broody after watching that
    England's dancing days are done...

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    What a beautiful baby. I knew a boy once who was born in the back of a taxi, sadly he was killed in a car cash when he was just 18.
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