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    Jr. Thomas, Willie born 1954, found 3/24/2009 #45


    Mr. Thomas Jr. is under the Fulton County ME

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    not much

    I have been able to find almost nothing on this case in the genealogy records.

    I do find two willie thomas who lived in Georgia who had birth dates of 1954

    Willie A. Thomas who was also know as Willie Lee Thomas, JR. dob of 10/1/1954. There is an associated Willie J. Thomas, Sr (age 91) with this Willie Thomas, Jr. And a great many other relatives.

    And a Willie M. Thomas also known as Willie S. Thomas born 1/26/1954.

    Will need ME to clarify dob before I can do anything else.

    And the date he was "found" was 3/24/2009. Do I assume that is the day of death assigned to the person? Or could there be another date, if they weren't found for a while.


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    emailed case manager for an exact birth date

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